Large vestibular aqueduct syndrome

Dr. T. Puls, F. Vanfraeyenhoven


Dr. T. Puls

Tympanoplasty using conchal cartilage graft

Dr. T. Puls

The changing aspect of thyroid surgery

Dr. T. Puls

Stapes surgery

Dr. T. Puls

Nystagmus alternans

Dr. T. Puls, Norré ME 

Incidental findings of a Vestibular Schwannoma on Brain MRI  

Dr. T. Puls

A 77-year-old woman with a rare tonsillar tumor: evidence of a stem cell tumor?

Dr. T. Puls,  Maaike Ramael, Marc Ramael, Lode Op DeBeeck and Meyskens Jean

A 56-year-old male with hypercalcemia and osteoporosis

Dr. T. Puls, Maaike Ramael, Hilde Van Steelandt, Eveline Krznaric, Toon Maes and Marc Ramael